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Limpopo is a culturally rich area where history, ancient customs and rituals collide for a fascinating experience. From Baleni Camp we visit the legendary hot springs of Kamkhulu, ("the place of a king") and hear about the myths surrounding it. Before moving on the the Soutini Salt Pans we are required to leave an offering for the ancestors at the base of an ancient Leadwood tree. Once our respects have been paid, we are welcomed into the sacred space where salt has been collected in a tradition spanning centuries. A traditionally-clad elder woman walks us through the process of how salt is collected and visitors can buy the final product, which has received the endorsement of renowned celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Our next stop is the Shawela Village where the Mbhombhela dance troupe warmly welcomes us. This is followed by a traditional lunch of majenje, pap, chakalaka, chicken and spinach. More dancing follows lunch – and you're welcome to join – with songs that range from praises to chronicles of daily life.

Lastly at Makosha Village we meet Ma Chavalala who tells us about Mungoma, the healers that train others. She herself is one of the highest-ranking traditional healers and has been awarded many honours. The traditional healers, or Xingoma as they are known, are herbalists and fluent in the art of divination and ancient African healing techniques. The historian and cultural guide, Richard Mavunda has interpreted Ma Chavalala’s incredible knowledge of the ancient trade routes as well as the cultural history of the area.

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Baleni, Limpopo

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