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The creative spirit of Limpopo is an unparalleled mix of vibrant artistry that blends the different shades of Tsonga, Venda and Shangaan cultures in the province. The Ribola Art Route showcases the expressiveness and talent of the people of Mbhokota. 

Visit Twananani Textiles and learn the art of textile design in an interactive, hands-on way. After a quick amagwinya/vetkoek snack, we're on to Mukondeni Pot Village where Sarah Munyai has taught the women of the village to make pots in the age-old fire pit tradition. Florah Randela shows us how to make our pots and we marvel as our lumps of clay slowly take shape and become keepsakes to take home.

After a roadside lunch of flame-grilled chicken, pap and marogo, choose between two distinct experiences: the home-gallery of Patrick Manyike OR the jewellery-workshop of Phyllis Movani. Patrick is a talented sculptor who will teach us how to work with wood and creative sculptures of our own. Phyllis Movani fashions necklaces, earrings, traditional bead wear and other accessories, and will walk us through the making of our own unique pieces of jewellery or traditional Tsonga dolls.

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