Ready to take the road less travelled? Keen to explore the parts of South Africa that are not always found in glossy magazines? Open Africa and Tour 2.0 bring you #WeOpenAfrica, tailor-made experiences to suit the curious. Follow #WeOpenAfrica as our group of bloggers review a variety of experiences and write about them here on our blog.

Whether you want to satisfy your inner foodie, do something adventurous, or simply immerse yourself in South Africa's rich culture, you'll find an experience made to suit you. Select any of the Open Africa-approved experiences above, and book them directly through our partner, Tour 2.0 – or, if you need more convincing, check out the latest blogposts below, with more details about each experience.

Who we are

Open Africa explores the continent to bring you real, local experiences where you meet the people of Africa.

Tour2.0 creates, discovers and showcases authentic local community tours and packages and provides an easy online platform through which to book them.

The #WeOpenAfrica campaign sees a group of influencers promote select experiences put together by the Open Africa team and made available through the Tour2.0 platform.